theOUTlet USB - Permanent Outlet Extender, 4 Receptacles + 2 USB Ports, Tamper Resistant, 15A, 125V

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Have you ever thought to yourself…

  • Don’t we have an outlet splitter somewhere?
    • Maybe in the junk drawer??
  • Why didn’t they install more outlets in this room?
  • An extension cord will work even though it doesn’t look great…

What if there was an easy way to get more outlets WHERE you need them WHEN you need them?

  • Never dig through the junk drawer again for that expander
  • Avoid the need to have more outlets all over the walls
  • And stop using an extension cord where you don’t need the extra distance

theOUTlet replaces your current wall outlet and is clever enough to hide extra outlets right there inside your wall. Slide the switch…and instantly double your receptacles. No more hunting, no extra wall space needed, and no long cords hanging around just for the extra receptacles you need.

Now you’ll be thinking to yourself… Why didn’t I think of that?!


theOUTlet - USB provides you with 4 receptacles and 2 USBs in a single housing. 



Amps: 15A, 2.1A

Volts: Input - 120VAC  

Safety: Tamper Resistant (TR) 

Rating: cETLus Approved  

- (tested to UL & CSA standards for US & Canada)

Installation: Installs in standard duplex boxes 18 cu/in+. (based on Box Fill calculations).

- Check your local code for guidance on proper installation.

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