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"Every woman I know would love to have these in her kitchen and bathrooms. What a great permanent solution to eliminate cords and clutter. I can't wait for this product to hit the market!"



Brigette Maxwell-Dean

VP Mortgage Underwriting

As a designer of high end homes for more than 25 years, I can honestly say, "I love it!"  Until you need more than 2 plugs, it looks very much like a standard duplex outlet and doesn't draw attention. The additional outlets are only visible "on demand." I would be quick to install this anywhere, but especially in high visibility areas such as kitchens and baths.

 Les Long
Custom Home Designer      

This is such a clever idea! This unique design will eliminate the need for ugly power strips. I can already find 3 locations in my apartment where The OUTlet would simplify wiring and make my home a more beautiful place.


Cristina Rodrigues

VP Marketing

“Every time I see it, I can think of more places I could use it in my house and in my office. I am looking forward to actually being able to buy a number of them. Unfortunately we all have too many gadgets that require an electrical outlet. This solves all the problems. Way to go, you have seen the need and come up with a great answer."

Dr. Keith Jassy


"I have a power strip attached to almost every plug in my house, and worry that one of them will get a short in it and burn my house down. These amazing outlets are going to save me stress and worry plus I won't have to constantly purchase more cords. These are going to be so helpful in my kitchen for the microwave, toaster, blender and have an extra availble plug. In my bedroom they will be used for my clock, radio, lamp and phone charger. In the computer room, the computer, printer, speakers and WIFI will fill it up and then the plug behind my TV will be for my TV, DVD player, HDD and speakers. These outlets will even be useful in the bathroom for my shaver, hair dryer, straightner and makeup mirror! I can't wait till they are on the market especially when stage 2 is available with USB ports and electrical socket combinations!"


Diann Hulsey

Amazon Top Reviewer #1,182


“Being a self proclaimed tech geek I have tones of plugs plugged into power strips arround the room. Cords are all over the place I could install a dozen! One behind the TV, My computer and recording gear would use 2, my wifes computer, bathrooms really the places to install these are endless! I am really looking forward to outfitting my office with theOUTlet it's the perfect solution! 


This will change EVERYTHING!”                                                                           Steve M.

Amazon Top Reviewer #5,422


“ TheOUTlet seems like a no brainer to have in every room, I can’t tell you how many companies have latched on to the strip concept when the outlet has been ripe for this type of innovation for years. They wed looks and functionality for a product that you could see in a mansion and a tiny apartment. I personally look forward to trying this in my home and owning my outlets again."  


Matt R.

MJR Reviews

Amazon Top Reviewer #4,789


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