• How do you install theOUTlet?
    • Check out the instructions and installation videos HERE
  • Is this available in Canada?
    • Yes!
  • Is this certified by a testing agency?
    • Yes theOUTlet was tested to UL & CSA standards (for the US & Canada) by Intertek and is listed as cETLus rated. You can find our listing on the Intertek website. 
    • Learn more about the ETL mark HERE
  • Are you going to make outlets for other countries?
    • Right now the only version we've built is for Type A and Type B plugs (which are used in many countries around the world). If there is demand in the future we'd be happy to certify it in more countries and consider applications for different plug designs.
  • Does it have USB’s?
    • We have a version with no USB's and a version with 2 USB's.
      • Yep, that means you can get up to 4 outlets and 2 USB ports where you would normally just have two outlets. Pretty cool huh?
  • Is it easy to install?
    • We think so. If you can install a regular duplex outlet, you can definitely install theOUTlet! We’ve included color coding so you know which color wires go where.
  • How did you fit all that into the same box as a regular receptacle?

    What are the dimensions inside the wall?

    • theOUTlet took over 5 years to design and test to our quality standards. It wasn't easy, but we're proud of the high quality design we ended up with. 
    • In wall dimensions:
      • Width: 1 15/16" (49 mm)
      • Height: 2 7/8" (73 mm)
      • Depth: 2 1/16" (52 mm)
  • What size box do I need to install this?
    • That is completely dependent on what else you have going on inside your wall box!
      • Box sizes are determined by using Box Fill calculations, not purely size constraints. However, theOUTlet requires a minimum of an 18 cu/in duplex box to physically fit. 
      • Here is a good site to reference for Box Fill: Click Here
  • Can I buy theOUTlet in bulk or be a distributor?
  • Is it Tamper Resistant?
    • Absolutely! Not only is this the right thing to do because it’s safer, it’s also code in the U.S. for residential installations. 
  • Does it only come in white?
    • Our launch product is being offered in white but we plan to have multiple colors available in the future. Likely color selections will be the standard variations you see in hardware stores today (almond, ivory, brown, black, etc...)
  • Do they come with GFCI?
    • ​Our design doesn't currently have GFCI, but we do have it on our development roadmap.
    • Be sure to check with an electrician about code though. You don't always need to install GFCI outlets. You may only need a GFCI feature (outlet, breaker, etc...) upstream in your branch in order to be protected for ground faults. 
  • Would this count as two receptacles in Canadian electrical code (there is an 80% loading requirement)?
    • ​We posted this question on the CSA website and received the following input from a member (which was further supported by an additional member):
      • Here are some CE Code, Part I requirements to keep in mind:



        receptacle is defined as “one or more groups of female contacts, each group arranged in a configuration, all groups mounted on the same yoke and in the same housing, installed at an outlet and intended for the connection of one or more attachment plugs of a mating configuration.”

        A traditional duplex receptacle is defined as “a receptacle with two groups of female contacts.”

        Your product would fall under the definition of “receptacle”, as do other multi-plex receptacles available on the market (3-plex, 4-plex, etc.)

        Requirement for approval

        Rule 2-024 requires that all electrical equipment be approved.  You should also check the definition of “approved” in Section 0.

        Definition of an outlet

        The Code defines outlet as “a point in the wiring installation at which current is taken to supply utilization equipment.”  duplex receptacle has always been considered as one outlet and, if you read the definition closely, a receptacle is also considered to be one outlet.

        Circuit loading

        Rule 8-304 permits up to 12 outlets on a 2-wire branch circuit and each outlet is considered to be rated at 1 Amp.

        Note that the CE Code, Part I is adopted as regulation by Canadian authorities having jurisdiction and they are solely responsible for interpreting the Code as regulation.

    • Remember though...codes can change and you should always consult the latest code book and or regulatory agency guidelines in your region. 
  • Did you file for patents on this?
    • ​Yes!
      • We already have granted utility patents in multiple countries and more pending.
        • Canada: CA2976631C
        • China: CN107408777B
        • Colombia: CO2017009190A2
        • Europe (EPO): EP3257111B1
        • Japan: JP6580712B2
        • Mexico: MX2017010380A
        • WIPO (PCT): WO2015123450A1
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