Twice the outlets, but not twice the wall space!

theOUTlet strikes an important balance between aesthetics and functionality that most other solutions fall short of.

- In the closed position theOUTlet looks like a standard outlet. It has two available receptacles and still fits into your standard duplex wall box. (+1 USB for USB model)

- BUT when opened...theOUTlet instantly doubles your receptacles without taking up any additional wall space. (+2 USB's for USB model)

Simply slide the button on theOUTlet to hide or expose additional receptacles when and where you need them. No more hunting for outlet expanders in the junk drawer, looking for the last available extension cord, or having to deal with an ugly solution that just doesn't meet your needs (because who wants an extension cord on the kitchen counter?!)

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Replace Your Old Outlets

- theOUTlet replaces your old outlets in the wall and doubles them with the press of a button!

- Avoid external accessories that get lost, fall out, are unsightly, and cause trip hazards.

Safety Included

theOUTlet USB ports, outlet upgrade with USB

USB Ports Built In

Old & New Work Compatible

theOUTlet flexible installation orientations. outlet upgrade with or without usb

Flexible Design